Achilles Vasileiou

He has been a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 1994. He has in charge in the Department of Sculpture from 2006 to 2008 and he has been a board member of the Greek Sculptors Association since 2000.

He has taken part in many national Artistic Competitions, which he has been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd price and several award certificates. He has also been involved in projects worldwide.


Worldwide Projects:

  • 1996, Alexandria, Egypt, bust of  “Alexander the Great”
  • 2002, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, bust of “Julius Nyerere”
  • 2003, a golden statuette of “Adriana Sklenaříková” ,who is a Slovak fashion model and actress. The statuette was a gift to her.
  • 2016, winning in international competition for an interview in ARTiculAction Contemporary Art  magazine (



First Prizes and assignment of the work in public places in Greece:

  • 1996, Ministry of Culture, bust of “Damian Peskou”
  • 2001, Municipality of Giannitson, monument of “Pontiac Greek”
  • 2001, Municipality of Arcadia’s Rethymnon, monument of “Heroes”
  • 2004, Municipality of Tripoli, statue of “G. Tertsetis”
  • 2005, Prefecture of Piraeus, Salamina island, monument of the “Warriors of Salamis”
  • 2006, Municipality of Amfissa, statue of the 1821 fighter “Ioannis Mitropoulos”
  • 2007, Municipality of Korinthos, monument of “Pegasus”
  • 2010, Association Members “Pnyka” , statue of “Alexander Panagoulis”
  • 2010, Municipality of Korinthos, sculptural synthesis of “Alexander The Great and Diogenes”


Second Prizes:


  • 2002, Municipality of Ioannina, statue of “I. Koletti”
  • 2003, Prefecture of Halkidhiki, monument of “Arnaias Liberty”
  • 2003, Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, monument of the “Macedonian Fight in the Jerma of Kastoria”
  • 2004, Municipality of Tripoli, statue of “Poluzoidi”
  • 2005, Municipality of Distomo, monument of “Peace and Reconciliation of People”
  • 2010, Municipality of Karditsa, horseback statue of “Karaiskakis”

Third Prizes:

  • 2003, Municipality of Spetses, statue of “Sotiris Anargirou”
  • 2004, Union of Resistance, monument of “National Resistance”
  • 2005, Municipality of Serres, statue of “K. Karamanli”
  • 2010, Municipality of Kos, Kos island, synthesis of the “Rape of Europa”





  • Municipality of Athens, statue of “Andreas Papandreou”
  • Municipality of Athens, bust of “Konstantinos Vellou”
  • Kalentzi of Achaia, statue of “Andreas Papandreou”
  • Municipality of Zografou, monument of “National Resistance”





  • Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital of Europe” in 1997
  • Emmanuel Pappas of Serres  in 2021



Individual-Solo Exhibitions:


  • 2000, Municipality of Athens
  • 2004, Municipality of Marathon



Group Exhibitions:

He has taken part in more than 30 group exhibitions from1995 to 2015, the most important of which are:

  • 1995, Athens, “2nd Outdoor Exhibition of the National Garden”
  • 1995 and 2000, Athens, Exhibition of Indoor and Outdoor Area in “Hygeia” Hospital
  • 1997, Ghent, Belgium, “Open Theme”
  • 1998, Pyrgos, “Contemporary Sculpture” in the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
  • 2000, Romania, “Contemporary Greek Sculpture” with the participation of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
  • 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany, “Open Theme” with the participatation of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
  • 2015, Ioannina, Greece, “El Greco”


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